Thursday, June 25, 2015

Day of the Mixed Media Tag

This is the tag I made for my Subscriber giveaway on YouTube. I am having 3 winners. And the challenge is to create a large Day of the Dead themed mixes media tag and share it with me. I didn't want anyone to feel intimidated so I made a tag myself on video. This is the one I will be giving away to the first person who mails their entry in! Hoping for a lot of enteries. I had a great time making this one!

If you haven't entered my YouTube Subby Give Away do it now! 
I'm accepting enteries until July 9th 11:59pm!
You can submit your tag via email, Facebook, YouTube, or Postage! For my Address please email me at
Look for me on YouTube: Marina Wilson (Say Something Crafty)
For any questions you can leave them here or email me!

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