Monday, August 3, 2015

One of these things doesn't belong here...

Okay, maybe 2 of these things. This is how I know when my kids have been snooping in my craft area. They leave behind subtle evidence like these mega blocks you see. Or sometimes I will step on a dinosaur as I pull out my chair. They also enjoy the Vanishing Act. 
What is the vanishing act, you ask?
It's when they take something off the desk, something you almost wouldn't miss. Then when you realize what it was it's far too late, they have made the object disappear!
I still haven't found my Portable Etsy Debit/credit Checkout. 

On occasion they like to try the, "I was never here, or was I?" method.
You know where I'm going with this moms.
Everything is exactly as it was when you stepped away, only your child has decided to autograph your craft work with a ballpoint pen!
While you find their work is lovely, and you may even feel a certain appreciation for it- the recipient would probably not feel the same. So, you must start over, or prepare a 'bandage'.

Oh my sweet children. These are the little things in life I so enjoy later. Never a dull moment. I think my boys may be on their way to brilliance! They do know how to leave an impression. ;)

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