Sunday, May 10, 2015

Marion Smith's Alice Hybrid Album

I made one of Marion Smith's albums. I saw a video of it while YouTube surfing and I had to have it! I wasn't really thinking, it was definitely an impulse buy. With that being said, I'm extremely pleased with it. Haha

I clearly wasn't thinking about it so I didn't consider that there wasn't much room to add extras because the way she made it. Each page, each side of the envelopes were just gorgeous. It felt wrong to cover them up. So, this album is very different from my others. That's what makes it great. My dad used to tell me that sometimes less is more. In this  case he's on point. 

I definitely recommend trying it out if you are a fan of Marion Smith or if you just like the Alice theme in general.


Marion Smith's Alice Hybrid Album:

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  1. Love your cover!! The link to your video doesn't work,though....