Thursday, September 3, 2015

Dark Truth Journal

It wasn't really just one idea when I made the journal. I've dealt with a few recent painful experiences while dealing with people in my life. People show you the face they want you to see and its only a mask because underneath they are screaming in pain. No one can hear it. And no one sees it, so they don't know. If they do see it, what kind of person is taking notice? What mask are they wearing? Is it the beautiful monster that notices, the one that would love nothing more than to make you scream louder. Is it the hideous angel that sees? The one that people fear, and longs for nothing more than a companion. My point? My theme, or inspiration? No one is who they appear to be, for better or worse. What if we could see clearly what people hide?  All of the images I chose reminded me of myself in someway, or they are the images I imagine of people I have met and had the pleasure/displeasure of getting to know.

If you'd like to see the process video for the making of the cover: 


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